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The Woodwind Project's overhauls of professional clarinets and saxophones are second to none. We use the finest materials and all of Don’s years of experience to provide you with the finest performing instrument possible.
First, saxophones. Let it be known that we will install any pad and resonator combination that you want. Many players prefer certain combinations of pads/resonators, and we are more than happy to accommodate any requests. For saxophones and clarinets, we do stock and install both the black and gray Roo pads, as well as firmer standard style pads. Through research and field testing on about 70 Roo pad overhauls to date, the pads have a very positive feel, excellent response, and a very long life. There are some qualifiers. There does seem to be a settling in period for these pads. These pads do seem to be more difficult to install, and sometimes need to be adjusted post overhaul. The adjustments are minor but should be addressed. Every Woodwind Project overhaul comes with a one year, no-charge, maintenance and adjustment warrantee. With this warrantee, a player will be able to have confidence that any adjusting needed will not cost more. The use of key clamps also helps with this problem. So far, some customers love their Roo pads and request them from the beginning, and some just don’t see what all the fuss is about. Once again, it’s up to you.
Over his career, Don has overhauled hundreds of Selmer MVI saxophones, including all vintages of the MVI and most of the other models that Selmer offered. One of the favorites was a gold plated Cigar cutter. Don also has extensive experience on many of the other manufacturer’s instruments, including but not limited to King, Conn, Martin, Buescher, and many you haven’t heard of. We welcome them all and take pride in rebuilding them.
A standard Woodwind Project overhaul includes all new pads and resonators of your choice, new key and neck corks, basic dent removal, soldering as needed, tone hole leveling, tightening of all hinge tubes on keys, springs as necessary, reassemble and adjust to exacting tolerances, play test and readjust as needed. Any changes or adjustments needed as specified by the customer are done at the time of pick up.
On many of the older instruments, other procedures are needed in order to bring the instrument into top playing condition. Some of these are:
  • Changing all of the springs
  • Fabrication of new hinge rods
  • Replacement of worn pivot screws
  • Neck tenon and body socket reconstruction
  • Certain key modifications
Costs for this work is discussed with the customer and approved when the instrument is dropped off.
There are a few different pad choices for clarinets. The most common way we set up clarinets is with beveled cork pads in the upper section and leather pads in the lower section. We have done clarinets in all standard double bladder skin pads, cork in the top and skin on the bottom, or all leather. Once again, the choice is yours. For my own purposes, cork in the upper and leather in the lower is an excellent, long lasting combination. Buffet is using Gortex pads in some of its top models. They work well but are quite expensive.
A clarinet overhaul includes:
  • Aall new pads and corks
  • Polishing of the keys
  • Sealing of the tone holes
  • Oil immersion of body (unless customer is against oiling)
  •  Key hinge tube tightening
  • Springs as needed
  • Reassembly and adjustment to exacting tolerances
  • Play testing and readjust as needed
Very old clarinets will tend to have problems due to the wood changing dimensions. Some additional procedures would include:
  • Ccrack repair with pins or carbon fiber banding
  • Addition of post locking screws to loose posts
  • Fabrication of hinge rods
  • Repair or replacement of chipped or cracked tone holes
  • Installation of tenon bushing to restore tenon to original tolerance
  • Replacement of all springs
The heart of a clarinet is in the wood. We pay extra attention to the wood in a clarinet to make sure it is completely stabilized before finishing the overhaul. They also have to be brought back to life slowly, as to help with the break in process. We also may suggest trying different barrels if the original is compromised.
There is also the one-year maintenance and adjustment warrantee with every overhaul. The treatment for a pro bass clarinet is the same. We start with the wood and work our way up.
Thank you for considering the Woodwind Project for your instrument's overhaul. We guarantee your satisfaction.

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