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At the Woodwind Project in Shelby Township, Michigan, we treat your instrument as if it were our own. All prices and timelines will be quoted upon inspection of your instrument. Our goal is to provide you with an instrument that plays its best and is reliable.
Just give Don a call at 586-531-1293 to set up a time to bring your instrument in. At that time, we will inspect the instrument and give you all the possibilities for your horn. Many times, your instrument needs more than you think it does. Over the course of several months, small leaks and adjustment issues creep into your instrument affecting performance, and you will compensate for them without realizing it. It’s our job to inform you of these problems. Just like a car, sometimes some of the repairs can wait. It’s your call as to which repairs will be done.
New since 2015, is professional appointments. These are 2-4 hour appointments where your instrument will be repaired during that time. When you call, just mention that you can’t be without your horn, and we will schedule an appropriate day and time. These appointments will mostly be after hours or on Saturday.
If you are bringing in a school-owned instrument and the school will be paying for the repair, please provide the name and contact information for the band director. It is important that we know the school's billing procedures before we start the repair.
We accept cash or personal check. Sorry, no cards at this time.
The Woodwind Project does repair both brass and woodwind instruments. The only exception is that we do not do major dent work on tubas and baritones. Woodwinds are our main specialty; the more intricate and challenging the better.
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